Do you want to know how to make your job as a food safety professional easier?

How much is your time worth to you?

Have you spent countless hours looking for a food hygiene training resource that is…

    • simple to deliver,
    • covers all the necessary hygiene requirements,
    • gives staff a basic level of understanding of what causes food poisoning,
    • explains what impact their actions have on the final quality of a product,
    • explains how product recalls can be avoided


and come up with nothing suitable? Well your search is over!


I wanted to share with you how this business came about and what it can do for you.


I am a qualified Food Technologist who has specialized in Food Safety for the last 25 years.

I have worked for large multinational companies in several countries around the world such as Premier Foods (Biscuits), National Brands Ltd (Milling and baking), Donald Cooks (Ready to eat meals), Tongaat Huletts (Fats and oils), Bokomo Foods (Food Ingredients), Goodman Fielder (Baking, fats and oils), Qantas (Flight Catering) and National Foods (Dairy)

One common thing that I have noticed is that the training requirements for the food industry around the world have increased

Yet the amount of time to deliver this training has decreased due to increased work load and increased production demands.

In a bid to make my life easier I started looking for a resource


    • Where I could meet my annual food hygiene training needs,
    • Where I could deliver the same information to every shift,
    • Where I could be confident that everyone got the same message,
    • Where all the necessary information was presented in a simple easy to understand manner that could be delivered to all levels within an organization
    • Where I could test the participants understanding of the information through an assessment.


Well – I couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to develop it myself and so was born.

I hope that using the resources available here will make your life easier – as it has mine

We provide you with a ready made solution for all your food hygiene training needs.

Easy to download training videos.


    • Basic GMP training in a visual, easy to understand format – high retention rate by audience
    • Developed by food safety professionals with over 20 years hands on experience in the food industry – relevant
    • Download the training at the press of a button – easy to use
    • Provide the same message across all shifts, across all facilities within your organisation – consistency of information
    • Test participants understanding through an assessment – confidence that participants understand content
    • Provide evidence to auditors of training covered – provides necessary evidence
    • All the information you need in one place – convenient



Food legislation in the US, UK, Europe, Cananda, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and in fact most countries around the world require that any person handling food receives basic hygiene training on a regular basis.

All quality standards dealing with food manufacture – such as BRC, SQF, WQA, Tricon, ISO 22000 all stipulate that all food handlers require basic food hygiene training.

Many small food manufacturers do not have the luxury of a full time food safety professional. These videos would be the ideal solution to still have a training program developed by an expert but not have to put them on the payroll.

The purpose of the products listed on this site are to give you the tools required to meet these requirements in an easy to use format. The “Food Hygiene Training” video is in video format that is easy to download and you can start using today!

The food hygiene training video covers the following topics


Food Hygiene Video Cover 



  • Why is food safety important
  • What happens if we get this wrong
  • The difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria
  • Pathogens and their role in food poisoning
  • Time and temperature rule with regards to pathogen growth
  • Personnel Hygiene Practices
  • Hand washing and sanitising
  • Uniforms and outer garments
  • Personal health
  • Assessment


Also Included 


 Body fluids video Cover


  • What are body fluids?
  • What is their significance in relation to food safety?
  • How are food pathogens transmitted via body fluids?
  • Source of fluids
  • Cleanup
  • Body Fluids Kit
  • Assessment



So by now you must be wondering the cost of this training video and even though I have had a lot of feedback that people would willingly pay twice the price just for the convenience of the training format alone we have kept the price at $ 79.95 USD

If you act today you will also receive



Body Fluids Training Video valued at $ 49.95 USD


Bonus2Food Hygiene Inspection Template valued at $ 35.00 USD


Bonus3HACCP system Template valued at $ 99.00 USD



Act today and you will receive an extra $ 183.95 USD worth of bonuses.


The sooner you take action – the sooner your training requirements will be taken care of – the more time you will have to concentrate on other things.




Ultimately you have nothing to loose because if for any reason you are unhappy with this product within the first 30 days of purchase we will gladly refund the entire purchase price.